Operating Systems 代写 The Kaizen approach to reducing waste and pollution

Operating Systems 代写 The Kaizen approach to reducing waste and pollution


“改善”是一个日语单词,这意味着有序、渐进和持续改进。(Laraia,et al,1999)改善经营策略是一起在一个公司工作,使增量改进没有大的投资。Kaizen是一个进化的方法,不同于其他业务改进策略在美国需要激进变革的实践做法。



In this essay, the author describe the origins of Kaizen concepts and outline the management styles that kaizen requires. The author describes the difference between “radical innovation” approach and the Kaizen approach that has become prevalent among major companies.

The “Kaizen” is a Japanese word that means orderly, gradual, and continual improvement. (Laraia, et al, 1999) The Kaizen business strategy is all together in a company working to make incremental improvements without large investments. Kaizen is an evolutionary approach that different with other business improvement strategies practiced in the United States which require radical change in practices.

The Kaizen is a workforce development approach that able to help companies execute programs aimed at reducing waste. In the Kaizen approach contain two of the most familiar waste reduction methods – pollution prevention and lean manufacturing. The involvement of all enterprise able to create sustainable results by using Kaizen as a foundation for lean manufacturing and pollution prevention.

The Kaizen able to help companies systematically reduce the volume and level of severity of contamination. The Kaizen concepts guided major companies to commit to providing prevention of pollution by the company to focus on solutions, while moving away from concepts of radical innovation. A focus on pollution prevention systems to create a program that is widely supported and decision-promoted – in other words, sustainable.

Thehttp://www.google.com/images/cleardot.gif Kaizen can only be successful with constant attention to people and their contributions to organizational improvement. (Laraia, et al, 1999) The Kaizen also programs that can be viewed as having ownership in one department and makes them everyone’s responsibility. The Kaizen is a culture of ongoing continuous improvement that focuses on eliminates waste in all processes of an organization. Leadership required driving non-direct labour to continue to develop their ability to meet the expectation of high quality services and on-time delivery


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