Marketing Assignment代写: Tactical Details Of Web Site Structure

Marketing Assignment代写: Tactical Details Of Web Site Structure

Marketing Assignment代写:这项任务一般识别,如何利用电子商务包括Fabindia,所有未来的计划。这个任务,我们可以看到他们的在线业务,Fabindia运行他们使用的策略,通过在线销售产品。在电子商务的股东、消费者和竞争对手是电子商务的有效性和效率的主要方面。现在的我们可以发现频繁更换法斌嗲的在线业务技术。所以在这个任务我们简要讨论新技术是利用Fabindia和他们如何在他们的网页上做一个改变。在电子商务的电子连接客户和供应商之间是非常重要的,所以在这个报告中我们可以看出,Fabindia维持他们的客户和供应商的电子连接和它们是如何根据市场发展策略电子商务能力。


1960第一次出口开始由John Bissell Fabindia。他们提供打印机和织布生产市场广阔的平台。现在他的儿子威廉正在处理整个公司作为公司的董事总经理。法斌嗲创立的具有强烈的信心,在印度农村的一部分发展网上业务。现在一天的Fabindia拥有更多的竞争对他们的在线业务,但他们有很好的成功,因为他们主要集中在农村地区和生产不同类型的传统产品。他们总是使用以下的在线营销的报价—





This assignment generally identify about, how fabindia use of E-business, including all future plans. In this assignment we can see how fabindia run their online business and which strategies they use for selling the products through online. In electronic business-shareholders, consumers and competitor are main aspects of E-business effectiveness and efficiency. Now a day’s we can find FabIndia’s online business technology being changed frequently. So in this assignment we are briefly discusses about the new technologies fabindia is using and how they are make a changes in their web pages. In online business electronic connection between customers and suppliers are very important, so in this report we can see how fabindia maintain their electronic connections with customers and suppliers and how they are developing E-business capabilities according to market strategies.


In 1960 the first fabindia outlet was start by John Bissell. They provide a broad platform for printers and weavers to produce their market. Now his son William is handling the whole business as a Managing Director of the company. The FabIndia founded with having strong confidence for developing online business at rural part of India. Now a day’s FabIndia having more competition on in their online business but they are having good success because they are mainly focus on rural area with producing different kind of traditional products. They always using following quotation for online marketing-

“Our endeavour is to provide customers with hand crafted products which help support and encourage good craftsmanship”.

Fabindia generally work with the women and craftsman who prepare the goods in their home town and send to the fabindia store. The fabindia takes an order from customers and forward to the women and craftsman and providing the type of design and quality. The fabindia does not having their owned manufacturing department. The fabindia mainly stared from the small house but now it’s a one of the successful retail business.

History of fabindia:

Fabindia is a one of the well-known and leading chain of retail store in India. The Fabindia is basically famous for cultural products in rural part of India. Well before when American companies were sourcing from India in order to develop India’s export potential in its emerging textile industries. John Bissell discovered village-based industry with a profusion of skills hidden from the world since 1958.

Indian handloom textile showcase was determined by providing equitable employment to traditional artisans. Fabindia was established in 1960 to fuse the best aspects of east and west collaboration.

The first retail store of Fabindia was opened in New Delhi with a wide range of up hosiery fabrics, durries and home linens. Since eighties they started producing garments made from hand-woven and hand block printed fabrics etc. The focus of Fabindia’s   marketing has been shifted from export to local retail markets of India many years ago. Fabindia which was started as an export house become a successful retail business presenting the abundant variety of natural fibres among the Indian textiles and also huge variety of home products such as furniture, lights n lamps, stationery, pottery and cutlery , home accessories, etc.

Partnership to farmer in rural areas was extended. Fabindia has launched its range of organic food products from 2004. The range of personal care products and fabindia’s authentic is also being launched at all leading outlets of Fabindia,

Fabindia’s products are sourced from over forty thousand of craft persons and artisans across India. Craft traditions of India are supported by providing a huge market and thereby encourage and sustained the rural employment. Till today they have retail outlets in all major cities of India. At last count till today 111 retail stores are there and in addition some international stores in Dubai UAE 3 stores in Bahrain, Doha state of Qatar and Rome, Italy.

Tactical details of web site structure:

FabIndia had developed good looking and attractive web page. On FabIndia web page there are present all stuff like types of product, online shopping basket, we can create own account on the web site , order tracking, quick search option, locations about online shops, In store exhibition and promotions etc. On FabIndia web site it’s not very congested, it’s a very easy to operate. The Fabindia is a worldwide famous retail shop; the FabIndia delivered their products in 33 countries and 511 Indian destinations by using E-business. The main feature is the fabIndia provides free gift pouches for per online purchaser. is the 124308th biggest site within all .com. The fabindia site is mainly operated by the IIS web server. Fabindias website programming language mainly set by the VBscript and English is the main language they are use. The fabindia is also using the JavaScript for the design their web page. The company has been starting a new strategy, it’s they directly giving offers on their products for example we can fine on their web page if we buy the any product they will give you wedding gifts.


As we seen above picture, it’s a fabindia gift certificate. Company gives gifts and gift certificate as well. The company send this certificate anywhere in the world after buying their product. And this certificate we can get in companies web page. It’s a one of the good strategy company has been using in their online business. Because of these customers are attract easily and buying products. Rank around the world:

Fabindia is popular in India as well as in foreign countries too. Fabindia is trying to set their business in United Kingdom. After considering world rank the mostly Indian people are using the fabindias web site. We can easily understand by seeing following graphical presentation;

Chart: 0.1

By considering the worldwide online business about FabIndia, there is near about 75% Indian people use the site and near about 20% United state people use this site and up to 5 % other country people use this site. So by considering this graph we can say having a good online business.


Fabindia is a one of the biggest retail store based on natural products, garments, body care products, textile, bathing accessories, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, furniture, home accessories, stationeries etc. The fabindia mainly produce the traditional ware. In India at urban side mostly women’s are like these wares. The fabIndia always put traditional ware logos on their web page that’s why urban side customers are easily attract and they order the wares.

C:\Users\Shree\Desktop\Indian Garments Indian Womens Clothing Indian Man Fashion Made In India Clothing Indian Woman Clothes Indian Cotton Clothing_files\garmentspd.jpg C:\Users\Shree\Desktop\Indian Garments Indian Womens Clothing Indian Man Fashion Made In India Clothing Indian Woman Clothes Indian Cotton Clothing_files\accessories.jpg C:\Users\Shree\Desktop\Indian Garments Indian Womens Clothing Indian Man Fashion Made In India Clothing Indian Woman Clothes Indian Cotton Clothing_files\flourCover.jpg

Garments Accessories Flour Cover

C:\Users\Shree\Desktop\Indian Garments Indian Womens Clothing Indian Man Fashion Made In India Clothing Indian Woman Clothes Indian Cotton Clothing_files\home products.jpg C:\Users\Shree\Desktop\Indian Garments Indian Womens Clothing Indian Man Fashion Made In India Clothing Indian Woman Clothes Indian Cotton Clothing_files\pc.jpg C:\Users\Shree\Desktop\Indian Garments Indian Womens Clothing Indian Man Fashion Made In India Clothing Indian Woman Clothes Indian Cotton Clothing_files\organics.jpg

Home Products Personal Care Products Organic Food Products

Fabindia having an all kind of product, if you want to buy some traditional cloths so just visit the fabindia website and order the cloths. The fabindia always provides you high design and high quality product with having unique characteristics. Now a day’s fabindia trying to produce the organic products and as early as possible they will be update on their web site. Now a day’s fabindia trying to introduce the new brand, it’s jewellery. They are trying to put jewellery items as well on their web page. Fabindia growing speedily because companies all products are having good quality and customers are can get easily. The company displaying very attractive product image on their web page and every six month they are adding new type of product. Therefore customers are getting different type of products in one store. The company has made the partnership with rural farmers and launched the very tested and certified organic food product.

Extend of segmentation to meet the needs of different customer groups:

On the basis of market segmentation there are mainly divided into two types, like Lower income segment and higher income segment. By considering about fabindia, the fabindias lower income is their household income. The higher income segment means, the income which comes only from handloom cotton cloths it’s called as higher income segmentation. The fabindia having a different product sections like retail, wholesale and online so as per different section they need to use different market segmentation. In India there are many companies doing online business it means in online business fabindia having more competition in market. But fabindia comes under in a one of the leading and top most ranking retail store because they are using different kind of segmentations in online business. The producing traditional wares and selling by online its one and one only stores them providing traditional ware by online. So we can say it’s a one of the main market segmentation they are use. If we are see other online sellers, they do not giving any offers or discount on their product but look at fabindias website they directly giving gifts for every online purchaser. The company head office is situated in Delhi, India so all online products price was quoted from Delhi. This means in that price they are not including shipping and custom duties chargers. The company always using UPS for sending shipments because of this products price will be slightly increase and customer will be responsible for that company do not take any responsibilities. In online business company selling products only on credit card payment and once goods are ordered it does not accept return and it will never cancel.

Critical Evaluation of FabIndia:

1. Marketing Mix:

FabIndia’s marketing parameters can be defined are as fallow,

Diagram: 0.1


FabIndia selling a list number of products with having different prices. The fabindia provide a wide range of verities in a wide price range. The Fabindia maintain their products price range for example, all prices of garments for men and women to furniture etc, it’s a very affordable and economical. The FabIndia always trying to gives value for money and they always tried to make sure all products prices are reasonable. The Fabindia mostly produces the hand made products that’s why all these products having good quality, and they are always showing show pieces on their web page that’s why customers are easily attract.


Fabindia using the word-of-mouth as a marketing tool because their products are mainly comes under in traditional type products. The FabIndia always maintain the communication between customers. When any customer ordered any product so fabindia tried to send this product within minimum days and they give a good feedback for customers. The most of customers do not know the exact location of the stores even though they buying the product from fabindia, because of that fabindia starting more advertisement through online. They tried to increase awareness about its store location.


Fabindia has a large product range with having good quality. Which mainly includes like accessories, garments for men and women, furnishing products, body care products etc, these entire products having one factor which is all these product mostly handmade. The Fabindia mostly puts only garment products and home accessories on his web page for the online purchaser but they put option for remaining product as well. Fabindia has a normal website it’s not very congested for operating so all customers are getting easily.


In India more than 95 Fabindia stores has opened including all concept, premium and regular stores. Now they are trying to increase more coverage in order to availability of product. Fabindia also developing their online business and trying to open more multi stores, because, they are having separate stores according to products. It’s a quite difficult for online customer that’s why they are trying to open more multi stores.

2. SWOT Analysis:

Table: 0.1


Fabindia can be simply differentiated by the customer using the available product mix. By using e business strategies of fabindia customers can easily purchase goods online at affordable price. As we know in today’s world around 70% of people prefer online shopping, through e business of fabindia customers can do their shopping so fast and in effective manner. As Fabindia is a e business based company it has separate section for only online customers so there is no need of extra staff to receive the customers lively, so we can say that it has got low staff cost in online section which is a very big strength of the company. The most powerful strength of fabindia company is it has got 24 hours service.


The weakness of Fabindia Company is that it has not got any direct communication between customers and seller. As we know customers feedback would helps the company growth. As it is online based company it needs to deliver the products directly to homes of the customers which would increase the actual product cost. Multiplicity of merchandise is very low it’s a one of the main weakness of fabindia.


The biggest threats of Fabindia Company would be if a well organised brands. There is a chance of recreating the model of fabindia by unorganised local operators. Fabindia needs to launch new ideas and it expands into a variety of product categories. It should be help and approachable to customers attraction.


It can promote its products by giving same offers to the customers through e-business channel. The biggest opportunities of the fabindia company most of the people feel more comfortable to buy products through internet. More over number of internet users are increasing in a rapid way.

Fabindias online relationship evidence with marketing approaches:

Success and achievement is a basic factor for the any company or organisation. Every company or organisation takes lots of efforts for the success. In online business, product marketing and product awareness it’s a main factors comes under in marketing approaches. The marketing it’s a one of the intermediate factor between company and customers. If any company do strong marketing so definitely company goes in to profit. We can take good example about Fabindia, because Fabindia making their profit by using strong window displays and their web page. We can see on their web page they provide a direct offers and gifts for the all online purchaser so it’s one of the good evidence with marketing approaches.

Evidence of creating a sustainable competitive advantage:

Constancy with organisational operation:

Fabindia having a good constancy with their business and main thing is that they never compromise with their business operation. Fabindia have a good communication with their customers because they giving regular feedback to customers. That’s why fabindias growth continually increases.


Fabindia always think about only profit they never think about loss because they never compromise with business. They already having good communication with customers and they always think positively about their business. Because of that customers are more satisfied with fabindia and they are continuously purchase the good from fabindia. That’s why fabindias always in a profit.

Degree of returns contribution:

Fabindias degree of returns contribution is very high. Fabindia had a wide range of business in all over the India. It has a good connection with the all customers that’s why they earn more profit. Therefore fabindias degree of returns contribution is very high.

Fabindia has a more number of advantages with their business, such as,

Small supply chain

A expected domestic marketplace

Contact to huge amount of qualified hand weavers

Having comprehensible understanding with business environment and culture in which it operates.


As we know the current growth rate of fabindia is a near about 50%. If fabindia open the more stores, after that automatically fabindias growth rate will be increase and it will be getting more revenue.

If fabindia invest more money in online business so company should be going in more profit. If company more concentrate on the product advertisement and marketing so it will be beneficial for the company growth.

Fabindia having more organic product lines, if company adding more stuff on their web page about organic product so organic product sale should be increase.

Fabidia is a one of the biggest supply chain retail store, since last four year the fabindia has opened double number of stores, so they require to consolidate its position.

Fabindia mostly situated in a most part of India but still most of people they don’t know the exact location of stores so if company put their all stores details on their web page so it’s should be easy for customers. And it needs to market itself additional forcefully.

If fabindia develop their online stores strongly so automatically increases the customer awareness about the fabindia.


This assignment gives total information about online business of Fabindia. As we have seen the back history first, and which is been compared with the current situation of the company. And it is been observed that current situation of the company is very good and there is lot of growth as well. In this assignment we have discussed various aspects of the fabindia company such as its website structure, its rank around the world, its branding, its critical evaluations of the company, and its online relationship evidence with marketing approach. In this assignment I would like to suggest fabindia company that its web is not that attractive as that it should be and even there organic products are not displayed on web page, and it should concentrate more on international business as well by doing these things it can attract more customers and obviously more profits and growth of the company.


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