Film Studies Assignment 代写:声音设计在电影中的运用

Film Studies Assignment 代写:声音设计在电影中的运用

Film Studies Assignment 代写:声音设计在电影中的运用


Ottosson是一个巨大的挑战和责任,一旦照片被切断,他的工作是创建一个情感弧和营造紧张的气氛贯穿整部电影的声音设计,使用传统的音乐将被使用。David Sonnenschein解释说,“最常见的非字面的声音突出人物性格或情感的音乐,而越来越多的正在使用的音响效果和氛围来支持这个地区。”(Sonnenschein,2001,p.178)

他对电影的整体配乐模糊边界之间的音乐和声音设计(考普尔,2010。)当创建有效很难判断究竟是音乐或声音设计和Paul Ottosson使用了一些不寻常的技术来达到预期的效果。

本研究将探讨和分析Paul Ottosson部署不寻常的和先进的音响设计技术。它将批判性地评估如何将这些技术,提高情感,张力和现实主义,通过运送观众进入混乱的中心在伊拉克战争。通过探索Paul Ottosson的声音设计“拆弹部队”应该肯定的声音设计的重要性可以发挥作用。进行这项研究所获得的知识,应该有利于未来的声音设计项目。

Film Studies Assignment 代写:声音设计在电影中的运用

His roles on the ‘The Hurt Locker’ were Sound Designer, Sound Re-recording Mixer and Supervising Sound Editor. Ottosson’s mission, set by director Kathryn Bigelow, was to “re-create the gritty acoustics of the Iraq war as authentically as possible”. (Caranicas, 2010) “From the first meeting the director talked about how important sound was going to be because her original intention was to have no music at all in the movie.” (Ottoson, 2010)

Ottosson was given a massive challenge and full responsibilities, once the picture was cut it was his job to create an emotional arc and to build tension throughout the film using sound design where traditionally music would be used. As David Sonnenschein explains “The most common nonliteral sound to accentuate character personality or emotion is music, while more and more use is being made of sound effects and ambience to support this area.” (Sonnenschein, 2001, p.178)

His treatment of the overall soundtrack of the film blurs the boundaries between music and sound design (Koppl, 2010.) when created effectively it is difficult to judge whether it is music or sound design and Paul Ottosson uses some unusual techniques to achieve the desired effect.

This investigation will discuss and analyse the unusual and advanced sound design techniques that Paul Ottosson deploys. It will critically evaluate how these techniques; heighten emotion, tension and realism by transporting the audience into the centre of the chaos in the Iraq war. Through exploring Paul Ottosson’s sound design in ‘The Hurt Locker’ should affirm the importance of the role sound design can play. Knowledge gained by undertaking this study should benefit future sound design projects.




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