Commerce 代写:Understanding The Strategic Planning Experiential Learning Essay

Commerce 代写:Understanding The Strategic Planning Experiential Learning Essay

Apply to Workplace

I have a better understanding of what strategic planning is and I now realize that the goals and objectives that I am held accountable for map to various strategic priorities within the division I work. I also now see how my team or unit so to speak could benefit from our own mini strategic plan. No matter how small or large a company, organization or unit is, if done properly, all could benefit from a strategic plan. The team unit I work in could take the provided objectives and goals for the division, then define a vision and mission within our unit that would eventually map to an objection within our department which ultimately maps to a strategic priority in the division. It almost makes me wish that our goals were written in this way instead of the broad way they are written now with layers and layers of goals under each tier of management, none of which seem specific to what it is my team does.

Apply to Team Project

For the team project we have chose to write a strategic plan for the Plumpton Park Zoo in Cecil County. First we will start out with the current status of the Zoo, then where we would like to see the Zoo go in the future and then lastly what it will take to get it there. We will need a vision (what we aspire to be) and a mission (what we do) and then the organizational values will need to be created. Then the fun begins with the strategic analysis or environmental scan. Our research should include what may have contributed to its demise when it out of business a couple of last years ago. A review of strengths and weaknesses both internal and external will need to be evaluated. We will want to consider existing conditions including the capacity of the zoo, the animals, and needs that the zoo might have. Market trends, customer trends and a gap analysis will need to be performed. Once the analysis is complete we will need to narrow down the list of priorities to address with our strategic plan. We will then develop goals and objectives to establish a clear and concise plan for each of the units at the zoo and identify metrics for accountability.

Opinion of the Value

When you look at a strategic plan as a tool to advance the vision and mission of your company through future actions it seems fairly simple. However, what is important to one aspect of the business may not be what is important for your business. Most companies in the long-run what similar things – to be the best at something. As mentioned in the articles the creation of a strategic plan should be participative. I think a lot of times companies lack the level of participation necessary to obtain a complete buy-in by the staff. Also referenced in the articles without proper support the plan becomes a shelf document.

The staff or worker bees as I refer to them want to feel that the work they do contributes to the overall advancement of the strategic priorities. Sometimes I look at my objectives and think what can I do to contribute to advancing that goal, but it is so hard sometimes since the goals that funnel down do not seem to get revised in a way to make it easier for a staff person to understand how what they do can make a difference. I know from previous experience that the goals handed down sometimes do not make sense. I feel if the company were to abide by the steps and best practices for communicating and implementing a strategic plan, we the staff would have a much easier time buying into it and feeling that what we do in some way is advancing the strategic plan of the Department and ultimately the Corporation.

I have found the information on the strategic planning process very enlightening. Now when I hear terms like strategic direction and priorities I know what they ultimately tie back to. With the knowledge gained I now have a better idea of how my work contributes to the ultimate success of the company. I may have to start looking around for the various unit plans that I am contributing to and try to get my hands on the Departments strategic plan.


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