Biology assignment代写 Issues In Self Management And Personal Development

Biology assignment代写 Issues In Self Management And Personal Development



In this essay, the “professional and personal development” module has been discussed from my own point of view. Different issues in self management and personal development has been critically evaluated based on my own experience and also from academic management theory. Team skill as a competency also has been selected and evaluated in the context of university and also my own personal and professional development.


One of the main features of university education in master courses level which might differentiate it from other levels, is the combination of students and professional from different background i.e. countries rank, discipline gathered in one environment. This environment is a potential and dynamic context which highly contributes not only to scholars but also to the university in terms of level of knowledge and enhancing the capacity of learning in the university.

Learning is a two way relationship which may create between different parties in the university i.e. student and tutors etc. In this regard students enhance their current capability by receiving feedbacks and revising their way of thinking towards subjects and also tutors need to give reasonable feedbacks and comments based on students’ projects and assignments. This process increase the level of knowledge in students’ approach towards subjects and also tutors are trained to teach and give higher level feedbacks in order to contribute in scholars’ learning curve significantly.


I personally have had a great learning experience in the UK and particularly in the Glasgow Caledonian University. I have found a great difference between the design of education and learning in the UK with the Saudi Arabia whereas in my country the focus is mostly based on individuals but in the UK the universities concentrate on teams and the focus is on team learning.

In this regard in the Saudi Arabia and in my previous learning experience, I was dealing with exams whether or not I was successful in the whole semester or in other words the whole students’ performance was assessed by exams. In the current learning experience I am dealing with learning as a team and how I can contribute to the whole team’s objectives and outcome. I consider my current learning experience as an important aspect of my personal development as in reality every team member need to deal with particular aspect of a problem under team’s vision and strategy.

In the current competitive business environment, it is extremely difficult or even not feasible for an individual dealing with every problem in organisations. In this regard individuals need to learn how they can contribute efficiently and also effectively in teams.

I have learnt a great deal from studying “Human Resource management” in master level in the university which not only assist me in the academic side of my personal development, but also contribute highly on how I would approach to problems and situations in my professional and career life.

According to Marianne van Woerkom & Marcel Croon (2007) there are key elements in the process of learning in organisations i.e. reflection and being critical and these factors are considered as the fundamental rules or pivotal in developing learning organisations.

Marianne van Woerkom and Marcel Croon (2007) classify the reflective behaviours in employees as:

Being open on their mistakes

Asking for comments & feedbacks for their tasks

Conducting experiment

share their opinion critically

group-thinking and brainstorming

Aware of their career

According to Montes et al (2005) Organisational learning is regarded as an important element in the final performance of the organisations and it is “more of a need than a choice”.

According to Jensen (2005), learning and the creation of new knowledge is always starts with the individual in the organisation and gradually it spreads throughout the whole organisation.

One of the important aspects of learning in individuals is human perception. Human perception is a fundamental context in which people would learn. In the next section perception in human learning context will be explained.


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